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Politics in America are rapidly changing. For the first time in our national history, political affiliation itself is more divisive than race, religion, creed, or any singular issue. I believe that the political elites in D.C. and the entertainment media have created a polarized environment in an effort to shore up their voting and viewing audiences and to guarantee their re-election and profits. I believe it is time for an issues based approach to politics. I pledge to work with members of both parties to find issues based solutions to our Nation's most pressing problems and help restore the Nation's trust in Congress’s ability to unite the people and achieve results.


National Security

National Security is paramount and make no mistake that Islamic Extremism is a clear and present danger. I have spent most of my adult life fighting against extremists who wanted to kill me and my team. I also know that defeating terrorism is not as simple as sending in the 101st Airborne Division. Protecting America requires strategic planning to align the ends, ways, and means to achieve the desired end state, America's freedom. This cannot be done in an election cycle and requires elected representatives who understand the underlying cost of war and what it takes to defeat our enemies.

Balanced Budget

Our national debt is rapidly approaching $20 trillion with a FY16 deficit of over $544 billion. Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, called our National Debt "the single biggest threat to our national security". Career politicians and bureaucrats don't seem to get it.  It is time to elect Congressmen and Congresswomen who do more than just talk about balancing the budget. It is time to find a long-term constitutional solution to the government’s out of control spending.

Article I Project

The Article I Project (A1P) is a new network of House and Senate conservatives such as Georgia Congressman Barry Loudermilk and Utah Senator Mike Lee, who are working together on a broad agenda of reform to strengthen Congress by reclaiming its constitutional legislative powers that are now being improperly exercised by the Executive Branch. I pledge to be a part of this effort.

Right to Life

As a Soldier I was placed in life or death situations and faced the terrible choice of ending life to defend it. These choices are part of the true cost of war and I will never forget the lessons. I understand the value of ALL life and have sworn to spend the rest of my days defending it. I am 100% pro-life. I believe that life begins at conception and that personhood occurs as soon as fertilization occurs. We should not be in the business of destroying what God has created.

There is a reason that our Declaration of Independence names Life as one of our unalienable rights and protecting LIFE is one of the few explicit responsibilities granted to the federal government by the US Constitution. It is imperative that we write legislation to end this practice and that we as a Nation do everything in our power to protect innocent life.

Unlike my opponent, I will NOT vote to fund Planned Parenthood and I will oppose any measure to provide federal dollars to end innocent lives.



The United States spends around 5% of the nation’s GDP on education. Even as the wealthiest country in the world we are 5th in initial teacher salary and student debt for post-secondary education is on the rise. Washington still somehow thinks that centralizing the education system under the control of disconnected bureaucrats will help us improve our education system. Both Democrats and Republicans have worked to centralize and standardize this system. I could not disagree more. Congress needs to power the decisions and curriculum down to the local level and empower teachers to teach to their students, not to standardized tests. The best decisions are made at the local school board level.


Immigration has been a misunderstood and highly polarized issue in America for far too long. I believe in the power of free trade, responsible immigration, and the rule of law. I believe America should champion the oppressed and minorities who would like the ability to pursue their American dream. It is time that we as Americans remember the ideals that we preach, and champion the safe, legal, and moral integration of immigrants into our culture. This starts with securing our border, ending chain migration, ending the lottery, defunding sanctuary cities, and deporting those who are here illegally and are ineligible to get a visa. Once we have corrected the flow of illegal immigrants we can and should improve the legal immigration process. We need to make sure that immigrants who meet our strict standards, are willing and able to assimilate into the American culture, and are willing to complete the process legally have the ability to do so in a reasonable timeframe. We are a Nation of laws, compassion, and immigrants and we must make sure our system reflects those values while keeping our current citizens as our first priority.

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