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Politics in America are rapidly changing. For the first time in our national history, political affiliation itself is more divisive than race, religion, creed, or any singular issue. I believe that the political elites and the entertainment media have created a polarized environment in an effort to shore up their voting and viewing audiences and to guarantee their re-election and profits. I believe it is time for an issues based approach to politics.

Right to Life

As a Soldier I was placed in life or death situations and faced the terrible choice of ending life to defend it. These choices are part of the true cost of war and I will never forget the lessons. I understand the value of ALL life and have sworn to spend the rest of my days defending it. I am 100% pro-life. I believe that life begins at conception and that personhood occurs as soon as fertilization occurs and ends at natural death. We should not be in the business of destroying what God has created.


I believe the parents should have the ability to choose the best education method for their own children. I support school choice, school vouchers, and full acceptance of home school curriculums. I also fully support the Tim Tebow law and Campus Free Speech. 

 We need to power the decisions and curriculum down to the local level and empower teachers to teach to their students, not to standardized tests. The best decisions are made at the local school board level. I believe in eliminating common core, fully and fairly compensating our educators, and making sure our schools are a secure and safe place for students.


I believe that government should be as small as possible and that governance should be driven down to the lowest level possible. This is and should be at the individual level for most issues. 


I support the abolishment of the GA Income tax and support a consumption tax. Your money is your property and you should have the ability to control what you do with it.

Individual Rights

I believe that every citizen has the right to work without being forced to join a union, the right to worship their God how they see fit, and the right to bear arms. 

I support constitutional carry and RFRA and will fight to get rid of as many unnecessary laws as possible. People should decide how to live their lives, not government.

Small Business

I believe in reducing red tape and government regulations that are constricting our small businesses. I also believe in reducing or removing many of the unnecessary registration and and certification requirements that are costing Georgians both time and money as they pursue their American Dream.

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