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Balanced Budget


I strongly support the balanced budget amendment. The proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution would take effect in the 10th fiscal year after its ratification. This ten-­year plan gives Congress the time it needs to get its financial house in order and come up with long-­term solutions to tackling our out-­of-­control spending. If the CBO’s revenue projections are accurate, the balanced budget amendment would require an average annual spending reduction of a manageable $54 billion – or a 1.3 percent cut each year.

In addition to the balanced budget amendment as written, I support the addition of a clause requiring a balanced budget be passed on an annual basis by both the house and senate. Failure to do so should result in the senior 1/3rd of either governing body's members becoming ineligible for re-election. If our legislators cannot responsibly pass a budget they should not be allowed to remain in office and continue to let their incompetence put our Nation's future at risk.

Balanced Budget Amendment


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