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National Security


Islamic Extremism is a clear and present danger. That being said, there are far too many Politicians running around espousing their plan to send in the cavalry to defeat ISIL. This shows an irresponsible lust for votes and a misunderstanding of long cycle theory and the proper application of all elements of national power. I am not quite so cavalier with the lives of America’s sons and daughters. Terrorism is an evil act based on extreme ideology and ideology cannot be defeated by military might alone. I will fight tirelessly to make sure that if America's forces are sent to war, there is a proper declaration of war presented to congress and a strategic plan in place to make sure we do not make the same mistakes we made in Iraq and Afghanistan. Additionally, I will work to make sure that the national security apparatus gives our military leaders a clear strategic plan to help them shape the disposition of our military force, and that those leaders are resourced appropriately to maintain a lethal and ready fighting posture. If and when America fights, we will win.


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