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Thank you for your willingness to serve as a representative of our district! — Stephen Alligood

I got to know Philip during his run against Drew Ferguson. I was very impressed by a man who understands the principles of liberty our country was founded upon, was and is willing to lay his life on the line for them and understands that political office is about serving, first those founding principles and then the people who's liberty are secured by them! — Allen Baldwin

As a law enforcement professional I know what it takes to keep our communities safe. Philip Singleton has my full support not only because he's a great friend to the LEO community, but because he's a leader who will make sure HD-71 families can live and work with peace of mind.

— James "Jimmy" Callaway

District 71 has an opportunity to send a true Statesman to represent them in the Georgia house this year. Philip Singleton is the rare individual in the political arena that actually believes in duty, honor, and integrity. I hope you will join me in supporting Philip as he seeks to continue his service to our state and nation. — Mike Crane

During my time in the State Senate, I saw the urgent need for more military veteran leadership at all levels of government.  The integrity, work-ethic, and values of servicemen and women set the standard for our country, and we need them to continue to fight for all of us in government.
After meeting Philip Singleton, I was impressed with his character, values, and devotion to the ideals of limited government.  He is a decorated combat veteran who served our nation in Iraq and Afghanistan in the 101st Airborne. He has served our nation for the past 15 years in the fight against terrorism and I’m certain he will bring the same tenacity and grit to serving Georgians in the State House.
We need more people like Philip, who are willing to lead their communities, support Governor Kemp, and continue pushing the conservative agenda forward.

— Hunter Hill

Philip Singleton is a solid principled conservative who recognizes his loyalty and responsibility is to D71 constituents and citizens of GA, and not to the self-serving, power hungry House Republican leadership. — Rep. Jeff Jones

Philip Singleton is a great and selfless American Hero. He exemplifies a real public servant's heart and was willing to put himself, his soldiers and his Apache Helicopters in significant harms way during combat in Afghanistan to save a combined military operation fighting hundreds of the enemy. Philip is honest and a man of honor and integrity. He believes in less government, fewer taxes and reduced government regulations, freedom and liberty for all in accordance with our Constitution. Philip Singleton believes in protecting lives from conception to natural death. Philip Singleton thinks for himself, listens to his constituents, is the best candidate for Representative in House District 71 and has my full and complete support. Ed Palmer Major, USAF (Ret) — ED PALMER

I am a 27 year resident of Peachtree City and a 33 year retired Air Force combat veteran. I sought out Philip. We spent one and one-half hours of face to face Q and A. I am convinced he is the answer to my long quest for a true no strings attached, drain the swamp, candidate true Georgians should fully endorse. Please vote.

— Bob Patterson, MajGen USAF ret.

As a freshman State Representative, I saw the corruption, the “good old boy network”, and the Swamp that President Trump referred to in full force at the State Capitol.   When I look at the race for House District 71, I see the Swamp trying to pick the candidate for you.  House Leadership, led by Speaker Ralston, the Georgia Chamber, and many PACs in Atlanta, have dumped thousands of dollars into the race supporting Marcy Westmoreland Sakrison.  They are buying personal loyalty over conservative ideology.  Over 75% of her donations have come from outside the district and continue to pour in.  How can we expect change at the Capitol if we let outsiders pick your candidate?   I have heard good things about Marcy as a person and count many of her supporters as friends, but this House seat is too important to elect another political insider.  If you want someone who will fight for you and your district, then Philip Singleton is your candidate.  HD 71 has a chance to send either a principled leader, or a puppet, to the State House.  Please choose wisely.  Choose Philip Singleton!

— Rep. Ken Pullin

— GA Right To Life
Martha Timberlake

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